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Weight Loss: Lose the Diet! Real Weight Loss for Real People: How to lose weight on your terms

Lose the weight and keep it off without giving up your favorite foods

If you want to (1) Lose weight (2) look and feel great (3) all while still being able to enjoy your favorite foods Lose the Diet! Real Weight Loss for Real People is the book you need to read today!

Discover exactly what enables some women to loose weight and keep it off permanently without spending hours in the gym or hundreds on diet programs
Most 'diet' books promise you that you will lose "10 pounds in 10 days" they are complete myths. Lose the Diet! Real Weight Loss for Real People contains only proven and tried methods to get you to your ideal weight in the healthiest and most permanent method possible. Learn why having a slice of your favorite cake is not the reason you haven't lost the weight you wanted.

Look great in any outfit and have the confidence to match
Loosing weight is much more then simply eating less and exercising more — its about your mentality towards yourself and the lifestyle you want to live. As a certified personal trainer, fitness and health consultant, this is exactly how you get to your ideal weight and build the self confidence you have always wanted to have about the way you look. Its how women like yourself get the dream body and healthy lifestyle that others will look at and wonder just how you did it.

Learn how to have the power to say YES to a healthier and more energized self
✔ Set realistic health goals and have fun sticking with them
✔ Why dieting does not work and what does work
✔ How to overcome cravings
✔ How to exercise and lose weight without stepping a foot in a gym
✔ Sample meals and workout routines

Gain the knowledge and the ability to burn fat all day long

Loosing the weight you want gives you the freedom and confidence to live the life you have always wanted and the self confidence to attract the people, success and lifestyle you have always dreamed of. Nothing great in life is possible without being confidant about the way you look. Its time to be confidant and take back your life!

Weight Loss is possible for every women especially you. Learn what it takes to loose the weight and keep it off and turn into the women that you have always wanted to be. You deserve to have the body you want.

To learn what it takes to loose the weight and keep it off, click the BUY NOW button at the top right of this page!

How To Lose Weight Fast and Easy (NO EXERCISE) - Weight Loss - Lifestyle - Healthy Diet - Abigale K

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How To Lose Weight Fast & Easy w/ NO EXERCISE.

+ Green Tea can cause slight seizures, although he population that carries this rare symptom is rather less, it is still a duty to advise you on it. Before starting the Greentea/Oolong Tea abby diet, i prefer you have a cup or two and see if another amounts.
+ Green Tea can cause slight dizziness, feelings of vomiting, nausea, headache etc.. if you follow my steps exactly in the video you can very well avoid these symptoms easily. Do not take green tea for granted and drink more cups a day than I said, and do not have it on an empty stomach unless you have tried it once and had no reactions whatsoever (like me) in which cases when your in a rush to head off somewhere, those who can withstand it on an empty stomach, it is ok to do so, but do not do it everyday, and more than once in a day, even if you know you have or CAN handle it due to experience.

MOST ASKED QUESTION - Whats My Height, Age, and Weight.
161.5cm - 5ft 3inches - grew an inch after weight loss, was 5"2 all my life till 17.
May 05 1994 - Its 2014 - I Turned 20 this year :/ BYEBYE TEEN LIFE D:
My weight Fluctuates every now and then, Mainly because I am a woman, and we do have weight fluctuations quite frequently, also my body *morph* type is prone to fluctuations.
Iam currently 60-63kgs, but mostly stay at 61 & 62. 63 being the highest in the middle of my monthly's for the most.

I personally eat 1200 cals a day but thats for my height, This doesn't apply to everyone as all women come in different shapes and sizes. What i can recommend is for you to find out your BMI and it will calculate everything for you depending on your height. Some people who saw my video got mistaken and assumed I've told all women to eat UNDER 1000 Cals, including men. In order to reduce the amount of assumptions i get and unnecessary notification that are rather unimportant as even me making a video falls of def ears to a few tempered humans, i thought of adding this into my description. Type into your "Google Toolbar" for a BMI calculator, and you shall be presented with one online. Also, notice how i said don't starve yourself. If i would say that, it would be so incoherent to saying to eat under 1000 cals which literally is STARVING YOURSELF.

WHAT DID I SAY AT 11:20-11:25?
I said "SOUP" can fill you Up. (btw soups with creams are Fattening).

Foods That will help you see results in 2 weeks:
Lemon / Lime
Prunes (After or Before every meal {CAN ALSO BE USED FOR SNACKING).
GreenTea ( For 3 - 4 months [MORNING + LATE AFTERNOON + EVENING] half an hour after every meal.
Oolong Tea / Wulong Tea (After 3 - 4 months). half an hour after every meal.
Honey + Lemon + Hot Water (Before Sleeping).

Green Tea & Oolong is best from either a traditional Chinese market/store or Walmart.
Do not add too much honey to your prior sleep drink because it can cause heartburn as normal honey does.
Do not Eat over 5 - 6 Prunes a day. It might cause irritation to your bowl movement.
Do not go overboard with Pineapples and Apples just because it helps burn fat. Everything should be eaten in healthy quantities. Fruits can cause uncomfortable bloating or a beautiful gassy BUM!!! hahahaha
Eat frozen yogurt instead of regular Ice cream.

Hope I haven't missed out any important Tips or Additional Information.


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