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Fat Loss Diet Menu – Quick & Easy Fat Loss Tips

A fat loss diet menu that works best for weight loss incorporates the healthy foods you eat everyday, and can get at the grocery store. Many fat loss diet menu plans are based on tasteless, low fat, low carb and low calorie food that you may not like. What if you had a fat loss diet menu that was comprised of your favorite foods and you could eat them more often per day?

How A Fat Loss Diet Menu Should Be:

All the helpful weight loss steps, tips, tricks, secrets, guides and menus won't work if they are not something you like enough to stick with. The other thing about a fat loss diet menu that works is that it uses fat burning foods, calorie shifting, and tricks the metabolism into releasing more fat burning hormones than fat storing ones. Most people think that it is about consuming fewer calories than you burn, which is partially true.

In a fat loss diet menu, you don't have to cut out any particular food group-your body needs them all for proper nutrition. The other thing is that you can eat more meals per day and lose weight. This keeps the metabolism revved. The key is to eat smaller meals, but more often.

If you understand how the metabolism works, you will understand how you can take the foods you like and make a plan where you can lose over 10 pounds in a couple weeks. There is a very precise science that goes into calorie shifting. It was found that the human body can take two days to recognize a calorie shift. That is the syndrome that often happens on fad diets where you lose weight the first couple of days and then your weight plateaus.

The metabolism is gleaning every drop of fat or sugar to put into fat stores and has sent a message to release more fat storing hormones, than fat burning ones. By shifting calories every couple days, it will not recognize that it is getting less to put in fat storage, instead it will keep releasing the fat burning hormones.

This is important to know when dieting and often the reason that many people who drop from 2,500 calories per day to a 1,200 calorie fat loss diet menu might actually start to gain weight. That is because the metabolism has adapted to fewer calories.

From back in the prehistoric times, our metabolism evolved to survive during feast and famine. It senses a starvation diet quickly and slows down the fat burning to save needed energy. It has not evolved to the point that it realizes the difference, when it comes to dieting and cutting calorie intakes on purpose.

For that reason, the best fat loss diet menu would be ones that use normal food, utilize calorie shifting and are nutritious, fat burning foods that will make us drop those extra pounds, quickly. There are some programs on the Internet that can help you drop nine pounds in eleven days using the calorie shifting in accelerated fat loss menus or diets.

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