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Yoga Exercises for Arthritis – Knee Pain, Backpain Treatment & Diet Tips in English

Shalabasana, Bhujangasana, Sarvangasana, Ustasana, Pranayam, Pawanmuktasana, Dhanurasana's.
execute consistently not just experience again artiritis discomfort yet additionally go long method in treating Joint inflammation.
Below offered are some benefits of aasana which will certainly assist you to control your Joint inflammation Discomfort.
Shalabasana advantages.
1. Aids in weight decrease.
2. Tightening of hamstring muscular tissues for thighs.
3. Reducing back and also Shoulder Discomfort.

Bhujangasana (serpent setting) advantages.
1. Helps enhance back muscles & makes your Back more powerful and also maintains it versatile.
2. Strengthen Shoulder.

Sarvangasana advantages.
1. Boosts blood circulation to the mind.
2. Lowered anxiety,.
3. Increases memory power.
4. Includes glow to skin.

Ustasana advantages.
1. Rises blood circulation to the mind.
2. Reduces cervical discomfort.
3. Stretches abdominal muscles making them stronger.
4. enhances knee joints.

Pawanmuktasana advantages.
1. Great for the digestive system.
2. Enhances adaptability of the back.
3. Reinforce back & Neck muscle mass.
4. enhance knee joints as well as keeps them adaptable.

Dhanurasana advantages.
1. Lowers weight around the abdomen.
2. Enhance back.
3. Enhance thigh, arm & leg muscles.

Pranayam advantages.
1. Calms the mind.
2. Cleanses the system.
3. Controls vital life force.

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Yoga Exercises for Arthritis - Knee Pain, Backpain Treatment & Diet Tips in English

Shalabasana , Bhujangasana , Sarvangasana, Ustasana, Pranayam , Pawanmuktasana, Dhanurasana's
perform regularly not just relive artiritis pain but also go long way in treating Arthritis.
Below given are some benefits of aasana which will help you to control your Arthritis Pain.
Shalabasana benefits
1. Helps in weight reduction
2. Tightening of hamstring muscles for thighs
3. Reducing back and Shoulder Pain

Bhujangasana (serpent position) benefits
1. Helps strengthen back muscles & makes your Spine stronger and keeps it flexible
2. Strengthen Shoulder

Sarvangasana benefits
1. Increases blood flow to the brain
2. Reduced stress,
3. Increases memory power
4. Adds glow to skin

Ustasana benefits
1. Increases blood circulation to the brain
2. Reduces cervical pain
3. Stretches abdominal muscles making them stronger
4. strengthens knee joints

Pawanmuktasana benefits
1. Good for the digestive system
2. Improves flexibility of the spine
3. Strengthen back & Neck muscle
4. strengthen knee joints and keeps them flexible

Dhanurasana benefits
1. Reduces weight around the abdomen
2. Strengthen back
3. Strengthen thigh, arm & leg muscles

Pranayam benefits
1. Calms the mind
2. Cleanses the system
3. Regulates vital life force

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Yoga Exercises for Arthritis – Knee Pain, Backpain Treatment & Diet Tips in English — 20 Comments

  1. How about some typical people of arthritic age being filmed doing these exercises, rather than these lovely young things!?

  2. I believe if you do all of this at YOUR tolerance level, you can benefit from it. I’m trying it!!

  3. I agree with you both. And these people have absolutely no idea what having arthritis is like. For starters, I would never be able to it on the floor, because then I would need help getting back up. And I can’t kneel either. This series is Ok for people who do not have arthritis and want to prevent it or people who have and have somehow overcome a lot of the pain. Ideally an arthritic person would start simpler movements, lying on a table or firm bed.

  4. The worst yoga for arthritis video ever! You guys have absolutely no idea what having arthritis is like. Please, study, educate yourselves and do something more realistic. In the meantime, just delete this video or retitle it: asanas to AVOID arthritis if you don’t already have it! It just spreads more and more the erroneous idea that arthritic people are lazy, since one who watches it, will think we don’t do it because we just don’t feel like it, when the truth is these asanas are simply impossible for someone who is in a crisis or has severe and advanced arthritis.

  5. If the makers of this video think that someone with arthritis in their knees can sit cross legged like the folks in this video, they obviously don’t have arthritis in their knees.

  6. +Mara Sobreiro I am 25 and have Severe Rheumatoid Arthritis. I was diagnosed at 15. I am actually thankful for this being addressed by young people for once.

  7. The makers of this video should change its title to “If you DON’T have arthritis, you are young, have a very flexible body, have NO PAIN anywhere, use this exercises”.
    What a joke!

  8. Pl.make an arthiritic patient do these exercises & tell us how effective it is pl

  9. I have spent months studying relieving pain naturally and found an awesome resource at Pabs pain pundit (google it if you are interested)

  10. there are some basic warm up drills and exercises for severely RA people and after dieting and lifestyles changes, definitely this can be achieved at one point although initially they cannot dream of it. because many persons cannot even sit down on the floor today. i give them training and make them sit in ten days time.

  11. Right off the bat I was discouraged with this Knee Yoga. It begins with your knees bent, cross-legged then transitions with sitting on your knees. If I could do all that, I wouldn’t be seeking this type of exercise. Lousy routine.

  12. i have Rheumatoid Arthritis. My doctor suggested me to walk only. After 2 years i started doing yoga. My doctor said there is good improvement. For your kind information my joints paint were so severe. Yoga has helped me a lot. In the beginning it’s difficult but with time of practice it becomes better.

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