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Zeltiq Review – Can Zeltiq Zap The Fat?

Does the Zeltiq fat-freezing procedure work? The following Zeltiq Review will help answer this question that is on a lot of people's minds lately. And truth is, this new form of non-invasive surgery is gaining a lot of hype.

By why?

Because Zeltiq freezes FAT!

Now doesn't that sound easy? Well it's said to be easier than the traditional liposuction that is invasive and has a much longer patient recovery…

Research recently based on Zeltiq has shown that this machine is indeed effective. The FDA approved of it, and now the California-based machine is being sold ($125,000 a piece) to Plastic Surgeons' offices even as far as Britain and France.

It's hard to say whether the effectiveness of Zeltiq is as good, or better than liposuction, but time will tell. However, the science behind it has peaked a lot of curiosity in the Diet & Weight Loss Industries.

Now, I can bet you're wondering "How does Zeltiq Work?"

A) It's pretty simple actually. First, you will have a specific target area, say your belly pooch or flabby thighs that you just can't seem to fix with your regular workouts. By targeting this section of fat cells the Zeltiq machine is placed over the area for approximately 1 hour. The fat cells become numb.

B) Unlike liposuction, the patient can get up following the 60 minute procedure and walk away without any real recovery other than a funny feeling of numbness.

C) Over the course of six weeks, your body system recognizes that the fat cells are now dead. During this time period your metabolism works to detoxify and flush out these cells and hence shrinking the amount of fat and skin that once surrounded this problem area of your body.

I'd say that if the Zeltic reviews continue to show that it is indeed as effective as liposuction, or even better, then sure this new fad could turn quite popular.

Did you know that cosmetic treatment can cause some patients to experience side effects as numerous as the following?

Sounds awful. So, what about NON-SURGICAL weight loss?

Let's not forget that NOTHING can compare to a healthy diet and exercise regime. The multitude of health benefits outweigh any of that of Zeltiq, liposuction, diet pills and the list goes on…

Sure, these procedures may be quick, but they don't come without high RISKS. And they don't provide long-term results.

Did you know that most people who get cosmetic weight-loss treatments don't even think to change their eating or fitness habits? The fat cells that were once "sucked out", (or frozen in the case of Zeltiq) only reproduce and at times come back with even uglier complications.

Learning how to lose weight the healthy way is not only going to get your body in its best shape but you will also reap the rewards from all the extraordinary benefits to HEALTHY weight loss.

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